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AQUAMATIC is a fully automatic compact stand alone unit which purifies, chills and dispenses water. It is designed keeping in mind water quality and sanitation standard in school, colleges, institutions, hospitals, public places etc. Aquamatic is monitored 24 x 7 remotely by our team of engineers for water quality and it can be controlled remotely.

It is a perfect compliment for digital India campaign and smart city or village project. Aquamatic has got several sensor to fetch real time data of TDS, Temperature, PH, water level in Tank, Dispensed quantity, Etc. It is to ensure every drop of water dispensed is pure.
Aquamatic is also an ATM machine that can do transaction through different Indian coins and allotted cards to dispense water. We can set price of water with quantity as per demand. Machine Data can be accessed and controlled by client through mobile app or web.
Beside keeping an eye on water quality client or Aquamatic team can control TDS, Temperature of water, quantity per dispense manually through mobile app.

Water Tank of cooler in schools, offices etc are not cleaned regularly which results in deposit of microbes on walls that can be felt by touching inside wall of tank(feel sticky or deposits white layer). Aquamatic has got an exciting feature of auto cleaning, that can be scheduled by client or Aquamatic team through mobile app.
Aquamatic has auto temperature control feature which reduces water temperature by 12 degrees form ambient temperature so that the water is drinkable. It has touch-less dispensing for better user experience and make it hygienic.

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